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Welcome to Centaur Horse Hot Walkers

4 Horse Hot Walker
Model 400

Standard Features

Centaur Hot Walker Specifications

Horse Exercisers
  • Twenty enamel colors >  Color Palette
  • Adjustable diameter 24 ft to 30 ft on all 2 horse & 4 horse models
  • All thermally protected motors
  • All galvanized steel covers
  • Quick release mechanisms on each arm
  • 1 Lead with protective covering and heavy duty swivel bull snap included for each arm.
  • Primered undercoat and enamel finish
  • Head structure & arms made of square steel for added strength
  • Base constructed of 1/4 inch thick angle iron
  • Double V-Belt drive (950 lbs. Pull power)


  • Lease Options Available
  • Service Contracts
  • Foundations & Pads
  • Electrical Installation
  • Hot Walker Fence Enclosures
  • Pole with Outdoor Light for Hot Walker
  • Miniature Horse Walkers
  • Custom Colors
  • Pin Stripping
  • Ranch Logos
  • Extra Long Leads

Limited Warranty - 1 Year Limited Warranty (PDF)

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