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Centaur Horse Walkers Corp

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    Centaur Horse Walkers / Dog Walkers

    Dog Walkers

    We Provide Automated Dog Walkers for Serious Trainers & Breeders

    Dog Walker

    Standard Features

    • Twenty enamel colors Color Palette
    • Adjustable diameter 24 ft to 30 ft on all 4 horses
    • All thermally protected motors
    • All galvanized steel covers
    • 5 ft x 5 ft Square bases
    • Quick release mechanisms on each arm
    • 2 Leads with protective covering and heavy duty swivel bull snaps
    • Primered undercoat and enamel finish
    • Head structure and arms made of square steel for added strength
    • Base constructed of 1/4 inch thick angle iron
    • Double V-Belt drive (950 lbs pull power)

    Model 400
    $5,400.00 F.O.B. + Tax

    • Expandable working diameter 24 ft to 30 ft.
    • Variable speed both directions
    • Quick releases
    • Steel base cover
    • 4 Leads included

    Model 600
    $7,300.00 F.O.B. + Tax

    • Fixed 40 foot Diameter
    • Variable Speed
    • Both Directions
    • Steel cover
    • 6 adjustable lead shanks


    Motor and Drive Unit:

    1.5 hp DC electrical motor. All motors are thermally protected.
    Maximum speed: 10 mph.

    Body Cover:

    Sturdy 18 gauge steel cover with door on side to allow access to the electrical motor and drive system.

    Basic Colors:

    There are 20 basic enamel colors to choose from. All models are primered prior to painting. Additional colors $100.00 extra. Ranch logo on 2 sides $150.00 extra.

    Body Frame:

    The frame of all the models are composed of 2 ½” angle iron that has been bead welded approximately 1/8” wide. Machine weighs approximately 1,000 lbs, when fully assembled

    Drive Unit:

    The drive assembly is driven through an electric motor, which is incorporated with a speed reduction gear box.


    Centaur makes only variable speed hound walker models which goes from 0 rpm up to approximately 7 rpm and any rpm between the two ranges, also forward and reverse.


    4 horse walker has an arm length of 15 ft. Long. A 6 hound walker has an arm length of 20 ft. Long. The arms are constructed of 2 ½” tubular steel. The height of the arms from the ground is 4’. Each arm comes equipped with a quick release mechanism and lead with a snap.

    Head Section:

    The hound walkers come equipped with a solid or folding head (optional, $200.00 extra. 4 hound models only) constructed of 3” square steel.

    Electrical Specifications:

    The unit can be connected to any 110 or 220-volt electrical outlet. For 110-v wiring, a 20 Amp breaker is required at walker. For 220-v wiring, a 40 amp breaker is required at walker.

    Options :
    • Extra long leads
    • Custom colors
    • Pin Striping
    • Ranch logos


    All new machines are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and structural failure for one year from date of sale.

    *Deposit of 50% is required to start order *
    Prior to shipment, balance must be paid in full
    Major credit cards accepted ~ all prices are subject to local sales or use tax

    For out of state and out of country purchases, we request all payments in advance, which do include a freight charge.

    Electrical wiring outside the machine for control is not guaranteed as it is subject to interference and interruptions from causes not the fault of the equipment.

    Charges will be made for service calls relating to problems outside of our warranty.

    Centaur Corporation can put in electrical lines or any installations with regard to the walker.

    Licensed electrician is suggested for any electrical work needed. Centaur can supply you with an electrician if you so desire, (in certain parts of the U.S. only).

    Installation & Delivery


    Delivery Charges within continental United States – Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, South America & European Countries will be quoted.


    $300.00 for 4 post holes labor & concrete. In normal soil, NO rocks (extra for rocks, add $25.00/hole).

    $725.00 for 5’X5’ slab and anchors, labor & installation included. (If rocky, add $25.00/hole).


    $400.00 electrical installation for the first 50’ to electrical breaker. Over 50’ cost is $12.00 per foot, trenching, electrical material, and labor included. TRENCHING FOR ELECTRICAL LINE IS FOR NORMAL SOIL (EXTRA CHARGE FOR ROCK TRENCHING, $45.00/HOUR). Remote On/Off Switch (optional) – $75.00

    Complete Installation:

    Call the Centaur office for your discounted quote on both electrical and concrete installation. LOCAL installations ONLY.

    Utility Disclaimer:

    Centaur is not responsible for any underground utilities during trenching or post hole installation. Repairs will be charged at time and materials.

    Required for Machines:

    1 – 20 AMP, (or 40 AMP for 220-V power input) dedicated circuit breaker. (Horse/Hound Walker is only system to be on breaker)

    Maximum Electrical Run:

    225 Feet from 20 AMPs of power.

    Access Road Conditions:

    Minimum 8 feet wide by 10 feet high. Must be able to enter with truck and 15’ service trailer.

    Pad area for walkers must be level prior to installation. 5 feet by 5 feet must be level for placement of miniature horse walker base.

    Installation charges are discussed with each individual client.

    Centaur’s California contractor’s license number is: A.B. 486161.

    Contact Us

    Please use the form below to send us an Email. You can also reach us at:
    951-202-2032 (Cell), 951-685-7337 (Office) or 1-800-962-8050 (Toll Free).
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    • 5761 Ridgeview Ave
    • Mira Loma, CA 91752