Installation & Delivery


Delivery Charges within continental United States – Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, South America & European Countries will be quoted.



$300.00 for 4 post holes labor & concrete.  In normal soil, NO rocks (extra for rocks, add $25.00/hole).


$725.00 for 5’X5’ slab and anchors, labor & installation included.  (If rocky, add $25.00/hole).


$400.00 electrical installation for the first 50’ to electrical breaker.  Over 50’ cost is $12.00 per foot, trenching, electrical material, and labor included.   TRENCHING FOR ELECTRICAL LINE IS FOR NORMAL SOIL (EXTRA CHARGE FOR ROCK TRENCHING, $45.00/HOUR).   Remote On/Off Switch (optional) – $75.00

Complete Installation:

Call the Centaur office for your discounted quote on both electrical and concrete installation. LOCAL installations ONLY.

Utility Disclaimer:

Centaur is not responsible for any underground utilities during trenching or post hole installation. Repairs will be charged at time and materials.

Required for Machines:

1 – 20 AMP, (or 40 AMP for 220-V power input) dedicated circuit breaker.  (Horse/Hound Walker is only system to be on breaker) 

Maximum Electrical Run:

225 Feet from 20 AMPs of power.

Access Road Conditions:

Minimum 8 feet wide by 10 feet high.  Must be able to enter with truck and 15’ service trailer.

Pad area for walkers must be level prior to installation. 5 feet by 5 feet must be level for placement of miniature horse walker base.

Installation charges are discussed with each individual client.

Centaur’s California contractor’s license number is: A.B. 486161.